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Mary's Center

"Do I Really Need A Flu Shot?"

Miren Katixa Aboitiz, a Nurse Practitioner at Mary’s Center’s new site in Fort Totten, DC, answers this crucial question.

7 Ways To Babyproof Your Home

September is Baby Safety Month. Our pediatrician Dr. Jessica Schroeder, a mother of three, shares seven tips to keep your precious little one safe and healthy at home:

“Mary’s Center has given me so much.”

Mary’s Center Teen Program graduate Hermann lives his life with pep in his step and a smile on his face.

Originally from Cameroon, he has just finished his summer internship at Mary’s Center and started his sophomore year at Penn State University. He is studying there thanks to the Gates Millennium Scholarship, which covers tuition from undergrad through PhD.  

8 Tips to Boost Your Reproductive Health

Are you trying to get pregnant? Here are some tips from one of Mary’s Center’s reproductive health experts, Dr. Prathap Naini.

5 Ways to Keep Your Family Safe this 4th of July

Barbecues, family reunions and fireworks. These are some of the fun traditions that make the 4th of July a special time.  But it’s also a time of avoidable accidents, with hundreds of people injured every year.
Mary’s Center internist Dr. Ashley Harris has some tips to make sure your family has a safe and enjoyable holiday.

1. Sip, slip, slap and slop.



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