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How to Make A Fun (and Healthy) Easter Basket Kids Will Love!

Easter is here! The stores are filled with candy, marshmallows, and chocolate bunnies. But why not give your kids something healthy and fun for Easter that lasts longer than candy?

Here are some great suggestions from Paige Zaitlin, one of Mary’s Center’s dietitians:

A Little Kindness Goes A Long Way

The warm, welcoming environment at Briya Public Charter School, Mary’s Center’s partner in education, fosters a supportive community of students from over thirty countries around the world.

President Obama, Thank You for Your Commitment to the Community.

Dear President Obama

As you leave office, the participants, staff and Board of Mary’s Center would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the First Lady for your sincere commitment to the community, to increasing access to healthcare, and to improving health outcomes.

Five Tips for a Healthy Smile

Your smile is an important part of your personality, but it also affects your overall health. You can help prevent conditions like heart disease, respiratory infections and dementia by taking care of your smile and making oral care a priority. Mary’s Center dentist Dr. Brigitte White tells you how.

1.    Good Home Care. Brushing in between meals and before bedtime is recommended for good oral health. Choose a fluoride toothpaste and be sure to floss and use a mouth rinse as well.

Letter to Santa

Mary’s Center’s staff members have many talents! Not only are they highly-qualified and compassionate providers of healthcare, education and social services, but they are also actors, singers, magicians and poets. One example is Jacqueline Mallet-Cedeno, a Registered Nurse who serves as our Managed Care Organization Panel Nurse Manager. A mother of four, Jacqueline wrote this humorous but spiritual poem to bring holiday cheer and inspiration to us all. Happy Holidays!




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