HIV Primary Care

Mary’s Center is rolling out the Red Carpet, with our in-house HIV Primary Care program.

Through our program, participants have quick access to appointments, and we offer and connect them with all the resources available for them and their families as well as assistance with public benefits enrollment.  We also provide uniquely empowering counseling and support through our wellness counseling support groups. Our program also includes health education and care management.

Treatment by Highly Qualified and Caring Staff

Dr. Sarah Ali, Infectious Disease and Tropical MedicineWe have a Board Certified Infectious Disease & Tropical Medicine specialist, Dr. Sarah Ali (left), to help patients manage HIV/AIDS and other conditions. Our infectious disease team is fully equipped and knowledgeable in quickly identifying the symptoms of HIV/AIDS and advising on the appropriate next steps for patients through our Red Carpet Entry program. Patients are given an appointment within 72 hours and seen in private rooms, where they are free to speak openly about their condition.

In addition, our HIV Navigator and Peer Wellness Advocate ensure that participants receive risk reduction counseling, screening as well as linkage and navigation to care support and access to treatment.


Complete Care

Our state-of-the-art Dental department and seasoned Mental Health & Substance Abuse prevention providers join in the efforts to complete a comprehensive, one-stop-shop care approach for HIV positive participants seeking care at Mary’s Center.

In-House Pharmacy

Our pharmacy provide access to the full range of HIV/AIDS medications, enabling us to continue delivering quality health services to the community. The pharmacy is located at our Petworth site (3912 Georgia Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 20011) but serves all our locations and even provides home delivery services.


Mary’s Center ranks among the highest quality providers in the community effectively addressing HIV/AIDS prevention. Over the past two years, Mary’s Center performed nearly 15,000 HIV screenings. We also provide all participants with condoms and other contraceptives with the aim of preventing HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. Our Teen Program is one of an array of initiatives at Mary’s Center that fosters healthy lifestyles and choices, as well as the implementation of crucial conversations regarding healthy relationships, healthier sexuality, readiness for sex, and consent. 

Strong Partnerships

We’re investing resources and time into our HIV/AIDs care practice and working with other organizations to combat the disease.

Mary’s Center is working with the Washington AIDS Partnership on the “DC PrEP for Women Initiative” aimed at increasing knowledge and the use of the drug Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) among women of color in Washington, DC. Through this partnership, PrEP education, counseling and dialogue will become part of conversations with Mary’s Center’s adult female participants who are either currently receiving or seeking reproductive health, women’s wellness visits and healthy sexuality services.

In Fall 2016, we entered a partnership with Us Helping Us, a community-based HIV/AIDS service organization committed to reducing HIV infection within the African-American community. Mary’s Center will be the medical provider for patients referred by the organization.

We also continue to work with our longtime partners at La Clínica del Pueblo, Andromeda Transcultural Health, Whitman Walker and the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) to ensure our participants are linked to quality services throughout the metropolitan region.


Our team is ready to answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to contact them.

Raquel Martinez – HIV Navigator: 202-420-7103 or

Marcia Truman – HIV Peer Wellness Advocate: 202-420-7198 or

Medical Services


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