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Thriving by Partnering: Care Coordination

Partnerships are the single greatest value to our work. By linking up and working with other stakeholders in the community Mary’s Center is able to improve efficiency and sustainability and strengthen our programs, continuing on with our tradition of providing high quality health and social services to those most vulnerable living throughout the Washington, DC metropolitan region.

"Everyone wins": DC Diaper Bank & Mary's Center

We could not do it alone! Mary's Center’s continued success is in great part because of our ability to build great community focused partnerships.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors: 7 things you can do to help our vulnerable communities

In recent weeks,  Mary’s Center  has heard from so many of you expressing concern for the communities we serve and wanting to help our participants as they face uncertainty during these trying times due to recent executive orders. First, we would like to thank you for your compassion, tolerance, and love.  Your engagement and devotion helps keep our neighborhoods and region an accepting and thriving home for all.

Looking Ahead to 2017

Happy New Year from the Mary’s Center family!
As we look at the year ahead, we brace ourselves for the uncertainty of potential changes in laws and policies that directly affect Mary’s Center and our ability to care for the thousands of people who rely on public insurance programs that may be defunded. It is our promise to the individuals we serve to continue to educate lawmakers on the many ways Mary’s Center and other health centers like us, advance and empower our vulnerable neighbors.

A Turning Point in District Women’s Health: Combatting HIV/AIDS

Mary’s Center is the proud recipient of a $125,000 award from the Washington AIDS Partnership, the largest private funder of HIV/AIDS prevention, education and advocacy services in the District. The grant, called “DC PrEP for Women Initiative”, aims at increasing knowledge and the use of the drug Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) among women of color in Washington, DC.


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